HDPE Gridstop Zipper Pouch - 5"x7"

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Want an easy way to organize your gear without adding a bunch of extra weight? Try these Gridstop zippy pouches. Handmade in the USA with HDPE Gridstop fabric (polyurethane coated on the inside to keep your stuff dry), YKK Uretek waterproof zippers, and Sterling cord. If you’ve been wanting to try DCF products but are afraid to take the leap, or just don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money, these pouches are a great way to start.

-13 grams/ .45 oz
-Water resistant and durable
-Made with HDPE Gridstop Fabric, YKK Uretek zipper, and Sterling cord

HDPE Gridstop utilizes the same fibers as Dyneema fabrics to provide strength and tear-resistance to 210d ripstop nylon. Featuring a waterproof polyurethane coating, this fabric is light, durable, and can take a beating.
These pouches have a little bit of a “twist” to them because of the waterproof inner coating. It will not affect the performance or utility of the pouch.