Bear Canister Tool Mini

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Bear cans - great for the bears, not so great for keeping our backpacks light and small. Regardless, they are becoming a common and required part of backcountry travel, and it's important to be responsible about how we store our food - not just for our sake, but for the wellbeing of the bears.

Many of the popular models today require a flathead screwdriver to operate, necessitating a multi-tool, coin, or something similar. Lose your “tool” in the backcountry, and it’s going to be a long, hungry hike back to the car.

The mini bear can tool is our lightest, smallest version, and is attached to a 10" nano cord loop for security. Tuck it into your waistbelt pocket or loop it around your pack strap. You’ll never have to worry about keeping track of loose coins or washers in your pockets again.

-Handmade in the USA
-Weighs 0.035 ounces/ 1 g
-Stainless steel disks and durable cord
-9/16” disk on a 10” nanocord loop
-Great for any model of bear canister that has standard/flat head screw latches