Pink Camouflage Hiking Hanky

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Ready to upgrade your backcountry bathroom? Add a hiking hanky to your kit. This is no ordinary handkerchief. Hand sewn in the USA, this hanky features a waterproof nylon layer and a thicker, absorbent, silver ion infused bamboo/cotton/polyester layer. This little cloth replaces the need for toilet paper after peeing, saving you the hassle of packing out more tp than necessary, and making it easier to follow Leave No Trace principles. Not just for the ladies - this hanky is great for everybody! It can also be used for runny noses, sweaty body parts, or even a backcountry sponge bath.

It's easy to use: simply squat, pee, and wipe (only wipe urine - do not use on your bum), then hang the hanky in the sun and let the UV light help dry and sterilize the fabric. The hanky can be snapped closed for modesty (but it dries faster when left open). On overnight trips, give it a quick rinse (well away from lakes and streams, of course) with a few drops of biodegradable soap and hang dry. Clean it when switching uses and after each trip.

-19 grams/ .65 oz
-Hand wash
-Made with HyperD 300 fabric, Bamboo/Cotton/Polyester blend absorbent fabric, mil spec grosgrain, plastic snaps, and a plastic buckle

HyperD 300 is a soft yet durable fabric with a woven polyester diamond grid and an inner polyurethane waterproof coating. The absorbent fabric is a multilayer Bamboo/Cotton/Polyester blend that is infused with silver ions, making it naturally antimicrobial and odor resistant.